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The Aethra Desktop Server videoconference solution allow PC users with webcam and Internet Explorer to join a multiparty video conference meeting hosted by the standalone Aethra MCU together with other PC users and H.323 boardroom video conference systems from Aethra or other manufacturers.

Up to 24 or 48 PC endpoints with webcam and/or H.323 systems can be supported, in any combination without limitation.

For the PC users, just use Internet Explorer.  No expensive licensed H.323 video conference client software is required.

All participants of the multipoint video conference meeting (i.e. PC users and H.323 systems) will enjoy the same Continuous Presence video layout, H.239 dual video (i.e. simultaneous display of video and slides presentation) and conference moderation.   Therefore, same user experience for all video conference participants.

It is like surfing the web.  Start Internet Explorer, type the IP address or URL of the Aethra Desktop Server, enter the meeting ID and a PIN (if necessary) at the Desktop Server portal page and join the meeting.

The first time when you access the Aethra Desktop Server, the server will automatically push a client software to the PC users.  The client software is free of charge and can be installed in as many PCs as possible.

As the user interface of the Aethra Desktop Server is web browser, there are no complex firewall and NAT configuration issues.  Only port 80 and 443 are needed.

The Aethra Desktop Server is ideal for organizations with:

•     frequent multipoint video conference meetings involving H.323 room based video conference systems and PC users (e.g. staff of the move, branch offices, home workers), with the same user experience regardless of device type
•     frequent multipoint video conference meetings involving many desktop/notebook PCs with webcams, in LAN/WAN environment or using public internet, and do not wish to invest into many expensive H.323 videoconference software.

The Aethra Desktop Server also allow the content of a live meeting to be streamed/broadcasted to other users using IP network.

The deployment of the Aethra Desktop Server videoconference solution is fast and easy.  All you need is the Aethra Desktop Server and a standalone Aethra MCU (i.e. MCU12+ or MCU24+).

The MCU12+ will support up to 24 endpoints concurrently at any one time; and the MCU24+ will support up to 48 endpoints concurrently at any one time.  These endpoints can be PC with webcam and/or H.323 systems, in any combination without limitation.  There is no limitation for the number of PC users that can use/access the Aethra Desktop Server.

Good quality webcam and PC audio peripherals with superior echo cancellation are recommended for PC users.

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